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South Australia grain cleaning

       Grain growers in South Australia have begun using AI applications to help them assess grain quality, increase productivity and make smarter trading decisions.
       The GoMicro Assessor app uses AI-assisted visual machine learning to assess the quality of a lentil sample based on the color, size, breaks and wrinkles of the seed coat, and the presence or absence of any contamination,seed cleaner and grader.
       The app was developed by Adelaide-based GoMicro in the innovative Tonsley neighborhood, which has evolved from a car factory to a high-tech incubation hub.
       The initial version focuses on the lentil crop,multi grain destoner machine with a second application for wheat due later in 2023.
       GoMicro CEO Dr. Sivam Krish said GoMicro Assessor can accurately assess thousands of lentil seeds in less than a minute with over 95% accuracy.
       Krish said GoMicro differs from other grain evaluation technologies being developed around the world in that it uses a sister patented device that creates studio-quality lighting in all locations, including outside the farm.
       The device eliminates shadows and distracting backgrounds, and eliminates the need for expensive equipment, industrial cameras, and grain feeders to separate grain before filming.
       “We are putting this technology into the hands of farmers who have traditionally been price takers,” he said.
       “Many farmers now use on-farm storage, so the app will allow them to evaluate their own grain and decide when to sell it.”
       The app is currently in the testing phase with seed cleaning company Walco Seed Cleaning, one of three companies testing its effectiveness.
       “This will give them the convenience and confidence that they will know the type of grain before it is loaded onto the truck,” he said.
       “It would also be very helpful for growers who store grain on the farm so they can monitor grain quality more closely throughout the year.”
       There are other potential applications for this technology, and future versions will also estimate seed counts so growers can adjust seeding rates, check germination rates, and monitor for diseases.

Post time: May-17-2023