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Belt Cleaning machine(5XDC-6M)

Short Description:

The 5XDC belt type cleaner machine has multi-layers,it is used for removing damaged beans and irregular particles from round beans,like soybean,mung bean,red bean etc.

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Bean Selection Cleaner Machine

→Product Description:

The 5XDC belt type cleaner machine has multi-layers,it is used for removing damaged beans and irregular

particles from round beans,like soybean,mung bean,red bean etc.



Model Capacity(T/h) Power Weight(kg) Belt Surface Area(mm) Overall Size LxWxH(mm) Remark
5XDC-4M 3-4 0.4Kw 1450 1000*2000*8 4200*2000*3500 EPMC
5XDC-5M 4-5 0.4Kw 1650 1000*2000*10 4200*2000*3650 EPMC

→Multi-angle display:

001 002 003 004


1.Clearance accuracy can reach more than 99%;

2.The pvc blet is imported from foreign,longer life;

3.Easy to move ,vertical and horizontal inclination adjustable,no-stage speed;

4.Smooth transmission,low noise,high performance and stability.

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→Why Choose maoheng: 

1.obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification and national AAA level enterprise standardization

 good behavior confirmation. 

2.Adopting advanced mechanical automation and intelligentization instead of traditional manual operation saves

 labor cost and greatly improves production efficiency. 

3.The machine conforms to the ergonomic principle, the use of more time and energy saving, more convenient

 and fast operation. 

4.Safety protection, the machine itself with leakage protection, safe operation and use. 

5.Quenching processing technology, improve the hardness, strength of the metal workpiece, strengthen the ability

 of compression and corrosion resistance, improve the service life of the equipment. 

6.Focus on customer demand is committed to the construction of “industry-university-research” and innovation system.


Q:What are your R & D staff? What are the qualifications?

A:Our R & D technical department has 5 people who have 17 years of experience in product design and are able to

 meet customer requirements

Q:Can your products bring LOGO? from customers?

A: Yes, our customer customizes the products he needs according to the customer’s request and prints their Logo. 

Q: What patents and intellectual property rights do your products have?

A:We have 5 national product patent certificates, and patent technology in the same industry has reached the forefront.

Q:Does your company have its own brand?

A:Yes, Mao Heng is our own unique brand.

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  • 1.Q:What is the seed/grain cleaning?

    A:This is the process of removing low quality, shriveled, mouldy seeds and different crop varieties from seeds or grains. Seed cleaning includes dust removal,specific gravity, grading, polishing, stone removal, color sorting, coating, packaging and weighing. Seed cleaning is a part of the seed industry, responsible for upgrading seeds and improving their planting conditions. This helps to improve the quality of the seeds, thus ensuring increased farm productivity.

    2.Q: Are you factory or trading company?

    A :We are professional manufacturer for grain cleaning equipment and we have 19 years of production and sales experience in the industry.

    3.Q: What do you need to know for fast communication and quotation?

    A: It would be highly appreciated if you can provide details of your processing material spics, capacity and efficiency request, sieve specification, motor power supply voltage and special brand needed, and other working conditions.

    4.Q:Can One Machines work on different seeds?

    A:We also use individualized, seed specific settings on our machines to limit unwanted scarification. We provide number screens to be fitted on single machinery to our work on different variety of seeds.

    5.Q: How long will the products be shipped to me?

    A:About 10 to 40 days by sea,depend on which country you are in and the type of machine and parts availability.

    6.Q: What is your payment terms?
    A: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Cash accepted.

    30% deposit with purchase order, 70% balance paid before shipment.

    7.Q: Can you make the machines as per our special requirement?
    A: Yes, OEM/ODM service available.

    8.Q: Where is your factory and how can I visit?

    A:The factory address:CN,Hebei,shijiazhuang,South of Nanxicun Village,ETDZ:

    From Guangzhou Baiyun international airport to Shijiazhuang international airport need about 3hours then drive to my factory(1hour)

    From Beijing Railway station to Shijiazhuang Railway station need about 2 hours,then drive to the factory (30 minutes)

    From Hongkong International airport to Shijiazhuang international airport need about 5 hours,then drive to the factory(1 hour).
    Q: What is your company after-sales service?

    A: Everey machine enjoy one year warranty. We will offer fully guidance on operation questions.And engineer online service available. Any parts problem happended during the warranty year, our company will offer you spares. After warranty, we help clients solve problem patiently as our repsonsibility.


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